Invitation to Colloborate on a Project: The History of the Philosophy of Science from 1860 to 1930: A Comparison of France and Germany

An interdisciplinary research project on French philosophy of science will begin next year at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Tuebingen, under the direction of the chairholder of Philosophy of Science and Logic, Prof. Dr. Michael Heidelberger. We are looking for an historian (of science)/ philosopher of science to collaborate on the application for the funding of a BAT-IIa (full-time) position, which would be held by the applicant in the event that funding is approved. Possible topics for the applicant’s research project would include: the reception of French philosophy of science by the Vienna Circle, or German influence on the work of Gaston Bachelard and/or later philosophers working in this tradition.

The project should run for a total of four years, of which the period of the first application will be of two years. Aside from the independent research activities of the applicant, his or her duties will include collaboration on the development of an archive of materials for a comparative history of reception influences, collaboration on the organisation of a scientific confernece, as well as collaboration on the publication of results. Applicants must have completed a PhD in History, preferably the History of Science, or in Philosophy of Science, and must have competence in French and German, as well as appropriate experience in research. The applicant should be willing to relocate to Tuebingen.

Project-applications can be submitted up until July 10, 2004. They should consist of a 3-4 page outline of the project, as well as a CV and list of publications. Applications and inquiries should be directed to:

Prof. Dr. M. Heidelberger, Philosophisches Seminar der Universitaet Tuebingen, Bursagasse 1, 72070 Tuebingen, Tel.: 0049-7071-2978303 (7:30-11:30 h), [email protected].