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For all further information, please contact Dr Julie Anderson: [email protected]

Researching the History of Disability: A Symposium Date: Thursday 28 October 2004 Location: CHSTM, University of Manchester

The History of Disability is a growing area of research internationally. The purpose of this day is to bring interested researchers in Britain together to discuss their work and future projects in an informal manner. The day will consist of one keynote presentation, a series of short addresses explaining current research and a general discussion about the future of the subject.

The keynote address will be given by Professor Catherine Kudlick, University of California, Davis and author of Reflections: the Life and Writings of a Young Blind Woman in Post-Revolutionary France with Dr. Zina Weygand, Centre National des Arts et Métiers, Paris (New York University Press, 2001) and “Disability history: why we need another ‘other’,” American Historical Review, 2003. More details, and a full programme of the day’s activities will be made available in early September.