We invite submissions for a special issue of American Quarterly on “Technology and American Culture” to be published in September 2006. We challenge scholars working among an array of “technologies” and “Americas” to interrogate why we might study technology in a post-Eurocentric, post-national American studies. Join us in re-reading the narrative of U.S. technologies as we move beyond celebrations of exceptional tinkerers and a deterministic machine-driven sense of progress to a more complex understanding of the opportunities and responsibilities that befall a nation that interweaves its identities, labors, and creative cultures with its machines. We seek to put a variety of conversations in dialogue, including the present and historical, the national and international, the material and theoretical, and the critical and celebratory. We invite authors who employ a variety of methodologies to contribute their work. We are particularly interested in projects that explore the place of “American” technologies in an increasingly globalized, multi-polar, “high-technology” world and those that illuminate the relationship between technological positivism and dynamics of imperialism and war. Papers with hypertext elements and proposals for online components for papers are also encouraged.

Essays should be no longer than 10,000 words, including notes. Send essays to American Quarterly by September 1, 2005. Guest editors are Carolyn de la Peña, University of California, Davis, and Siva Vaidhyanathan, New York University.

Send essays to: AMERICAN QUARTERLY Center for American Studies & Ethnicity 3470 Trousdale Parkway, WPH 303 University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089-4033 T: 213-821-2543 F: 213-821-5578 [email protected]

Visit the website at http://www.americanquarterly.org