Discover the Forgotten Man of Victorian Science Lancaster City Museum 26 June – 23 December 2004

This summer sees the opening of a brand new exhibition dedicated to the forgotten man of Victorian Science.

Richard Owen: Dinosaur Man celebrates the achievements of the Lancashire born scientist who became one of the most prominent and controversial of his generation.

Born two hundred years ago in Lancaster, Owen’s accomplishments were many. He was the man who:

·First coined the word ‘dinosaur’ meaning ‘fearfully great lizard’. ·Was the founder and visionary behind London’s world famous Natural History Museum. ·Publicly opposed Darwin’s theory of evolution. ·Studied and published influential works on many species of extinct reptiles, mammals and birds. ·Advised on many scientific debates from public health reform to sightings of sea serpents ·Received over one hundred distinctions during his life including a knighthood.

A gifted and creative man, he was also fiercely jealous of those he saw as rivals. Darwin described Owen as ‘immeasurably superior’ yet Owen’s opposition to Darwin led to him being almost written out of the history of science. Only now are his achievements being appreciated.

Richard Owen: Dinosaur Man puts his great scientific achievements in perspective and examines the amazing range of his expertise. It explores how changing scientific evidence alters our view of the world, both past and present. It also explores dinosaurs, a popular subject with all ages and discovers how fossils and bones are used to create long forgotten creatures.

With the loan of important specimens and documents from across the country, including the National History Museum, the exhibition showcases a fascinating collection of items never brought together before. It presents the amazing achievements of a man who helped change the way we view the world today

Visitor information The exhibition opens on 26 July 2004 at Lancaster City Museum Lancaster City Museum, Lancaster LA1 1HT Tel 01524 64637 [email protected] Admission: Free Open Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Notes for Editors For further details on Richard Owen and the exhibition please contact : Simon Hayhow, Curator of Natural Sciences [email protected] 01253 876621 Sue Ashworth, Collections manager [email protected] 01254 64637

For those with a specialist interest in the history of science, Lancashire County Museums have joined Lancaster University (Centre for NW Regional Studies) to bring together leading speakers in a one day symposium in celebration of Owen’s work. This will take place on Saturday 20 November at Lancaster University.

For further details of the conference please contact Jean Turnbull [email protected]