Schoolroom Science and Other Revolutionary Ideas: Talk by Emily Winterburn
Saturday, 1 October 2011, 3pm

How did you learn science at school? Do you think it would have differed very much from a lesson in 1911 or even earlier? The University of Leeds holds an excellent collection of school science apparatus dating from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, all once part of the university’s former history of education museum.

In connection with the Leeds School Strike 1911 display at the Gallery, Emily Winterburn’s talk will be using objects from this collection and look at the clues these objects can gives us for understanding how scientists are made and how we have all come to be so technically and scientifically literate.

Emily Winterburn works for the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science. She is the former Curator of Astronomy at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, and has contributed to television and radio broadcasts on the history of science.

Free event, no booking necessary.