Science and Medicine in the Atlantic World ­- New Approaches, New Questions. A Special Issue of Atlantic Studies: Literary, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives. Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2010. In recent years, the history of science and medicine has made important contributions to the broader history of the Atlantic world, posing significant methodological challenges and asking key questions about the scale and centrality of different actors and agents at the local, national, and imperial contexts that comprise this transoceanic space. While scholarship on the distinct national traditions within the Atlantic world have continued to proliferate, histories of science and medicine have begun to emphasize the importance of transnational and transimperial perspectives, pushing scholars away from institutional histories and forcing them to confront the idiosyncratic ways that natural knowledge circulated across political, cultural, and social boundaries. Taking advantage of work that engages both areas of study, this special issue of Atlantic Studies seeks to highlight recent approaches to the intersecting fields of Atlantic history and the history of science. While the emphasis will be on historical topics, submissions from scholars working on literary or cultural aspects of the Atlantic world are welcome as well. This special issue will also contain an interview with Bernard Bailyn, Director of the International Seminar on the History of the Atlantic World at Harvard University, as well as an extended review article by this year¹s participants in Harvard¹s 2009 International Seminar, whose theme was ³THE AMERICAS IN THE ADVANCEMENT OF EUROPEAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 1500-1830.² For questions and clarifications, please contact Neil Safier, Co-Editor, Atlantic Studies, at [email protected]. Submissions can be sent to: [email protected]

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Review articles on recent books in the field of Atlantic studies, with special attention to the history of science and medicine, are also welcome.

With permission of the authors, articles that are not selected for this special issue will be considered for later issues of Atlantic Studies. The journal also has a limited amount of funds for translation of articles from other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Dutch. Please contact Neil Safier ([email protected]) for further information about this possibility.