CONFERENCE: ‘SCIENCE, DISEASE AND LIVESTOCK ECONOMIES’ VENUE: ST ANTONY’S COLLEGE, OXFORD, UK. DATE: 24 & 25th June 2005 (Possibly extending to a 3rd day depending on responses)

The idea for this conference was born out of a post-doctoral project, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, which explores the history of veterinary science at the Onderstepoort Laboratories in South Africa. Given the economic and social importance of the subject, our comparative reading suggests that veterinary science is underrepresented in both the medical and agricultural historiographies. The aim of this conference is to start to redress this gap in the literature by exploring the inter-relationship between livestock economies, disease, science and the environment.

We welcome papers from both social scientists and scientists that deal with the historical development of pastoral economies in all parts of the world. Possible themes include:

the impact of enzootic and epizootic diseases entomological frontiers biomedical sciences and veterinary applications traditional medicine and livestock management the relationship between wildlife and domestic animals poisonous plants and grassland management animal nutrition internal parasites species adaptability and selective breeding the development of veterinary bureaucracies and their context the role of the state in regulating livestock economies

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words long and also provide the name, e-mail address and current institutional affiliation of the participant. The deadline for abstracts is the 15 December 2004. We anticipate pre-circulating conference papers and are hoping to publish an edited volume from the proceedings.

Karen Brown Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine 45-47 Banbury Road Oxford OX2 6PE