Science Fiction(s): A Study Day on Science Fiction Film, Television, Literature and New Media

University of Nottingham, UK Friday, 19th August 2005

While popular representations of science fiction have been granted a certain degree of academic legitimacy in recent years, this study day represents an attempt to rethink the frameworks in which the study of science fiction has been defined generically by industries, audiences and texts. The Science Fiction(s) event seeks to redress the balance in order to examine the cross over of sf spectacularity, and the intermediality of sf’s intersection with television, literature and new media.

This one day forum for debate is intended to facilitate an interrogation of the cultural value of these peripheral and multidisciplinary engagements with science fiction(s), seeking to examine how sf space has transmuted into divergent media. Our intention is to look specifically at the extensive cross over potentials that emerge between sf manifestations such as television, literature, DVD and video, as well as gaming and internet community participation.

Possible topics might include but are by no means limited to: SF Crossing the Generic Divide Science Fiction/Science Fact Science Fiction and Science Eventuality Selling Science Fiction To Infinity and Beyond Blockbusting SF SFX Low Budget and Independent SF Time Travel and Quantum Leaps Transgressive Hyperbodies Internet Communities, Fandom and Collecting Gaming and Console Creativity

Please send proposals of 300 words and a short biographical note by Friday, 29 April 2005 to Kerry Gough at: [email protected]

Or by post to: Kerry Gough, Science Fiction(s) Committee, Institute of Film and Television Studies School of American and Canadian Studies, University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD