Dear Colleague,

This is to inform you that I have been appointed Chief Editor of Science Studies, an international, peer-reviewed journal for science and technology studies.

Science Studies is designed as an open forum for all perspectives on the study of science and technology, whether philosophical, historical, sociological, psychological, cognitive, educational, or politico-economic. Recent issues of the journal have included work on topics such as technology assessment in Europe, the politics of sociobiology, innovation trajectories and networks, interdisciplinary collaboration and university-government relations.

Science Studies is available in full text through EBSCO in over 700 institutions in 30 countries around the world. The journal is abstracted and indexed by the following services: CSA World Wide Political Science Abstracts (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts), Social Services Abstracts (1998- ), Sociological Abstracts Entrepreneurship Research Engine (Kauffman Foundation) and Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies. Science Studies is published by the Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies.

I invite you, your colleagues and students to join me in making Science Studies one of the most exciting journals in the field. You can participate both as reader and writer. Our website contains information about subscription procedures:

Science Studies appears twice a year. The deadline for the next issue is March 1, 2005. Submissions should be sent to Aaro Tupasela, the journal’s Assistant Editor. See the journal homepage for further information.

Thank you for considering Science Studies,

Henrik Bruun Senior Researcher, Chief Editor Helsinki Institute of Science and Technology Studies, Science Studies, SCANCOR, Stanford University CERAS 531, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-3084, USA Email: [email protected]