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Scientific Philosophy: Past and Future

///Scientific Philosophy: Past and Future

Scientific Philosophy: Past and Future

Workshop on Scientific Philosophy: Past and Future

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Tilburg University, The Netherlands

<http://www.uvt.nl/tilps/sppf2010/> http://www.uvt.nl/tilps/sppf2010/

Various philosophers of the past – and many philosophers of today – believe that there can be real progress in philosophy and that such progress is facilitated crucially by a close interaction between philosophy and the sciences. “Scientific Philosophy” maintains that philosophical theses and arguments should be just as clear and precise as scientific ones; philosophers ought to build theories and models much as scientists do; and the application of mathematical methods as well as input from empirical studies are often necessary in order to gain new insights into old philosophical questions and to progress to new and deeper ones. This workshop will address what Scientific Philosophy is all about, what it has in common with science and where it might diverge from it, what we can learn from its historical successes and failures, and, most importantly, how we should assess its future prospects.

The invited speakers include:

– Michael Friedman, Stanford

– Christopher Hitchcock, Caltech

– Volker Peckhaus, Paderborn


– Stephan Hartmann, Tilburg

– Hannes Leitgeb, Bristol

– Jan Sprenger, Tilburg

There’ll be three to four slots for contributed papers. If you are interested in presenting something, please send an extended abstract of up to 1500 words to <mailto:[email protected]> [email protected] by 15 January 2010. Decisions will be made by 1 February 2010.

There is no registration fee. However, participants have to register by sending an email to <mailto:[email protected]> [email protected] by 15 March 2010.

The workshop takes place on the day before the conference “The Future of Philosophy of Science”. Check <http://www.uvt.nl/tilps/FPS2010/> http://www.uvt.nl/tilps/FPS2010/

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