Museum of the History of Science Seminar

Wednesdays, 5 pm Education Room, Museum of the History of Science, Broad Street, Oxford

A new seminar series, on topics relevant to the work of the Museum of the History of Science

28 April Nick Wilding (University of Cambridge) ‘Collecting Identities: Pseudonymity, Science and Satire’

5 May Sven Dupré (University of Ghent) ‘The Origin of the Telescope: Practical Optics, Practical Geometry and Painting’

12 May David Bryden (formerly National Museums of Scotland) ‘Patents for Scientific Instruments in Georgian England: report on a research project in progress’

19 May Robert Anderson (Churchill College, Cambridge) ‘Workers and Collections’

26 May Maria Zytaruk (University of Toronto) ‘Commodity Culture and the Early Museum’

2 June Terje Brundtland (University of Oxford) ‘From Medicine to Natural Philosophy: the Unknown Francis Hauksbee’

* To reach the Education Room, come down the stone staircase at the front of the Museum and enter by the glass doors underneath the street.

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