Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine and Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine. Room 3.29, 3rd Floor, Maths Tower, Oxford Road, Manchester University.

4.00pm Tuesdays (unless otherwise noted). Tea from 3.30 pm, Room 3.04.

17th February SIMON CHAPLIN, Royal College of Surgeons of England ‘The divine touch, or touching divines: John Hunter, David Hume and the Bishop of Durham’s rectum’

24th February ROBERT FOX, Oxford University ‘Popularization and the public face of science in nineteenth- century France’

2nd March SABINE LEE, University of Birmingham ‘In no sense vital … and not actually very important?’ Perceptions of the British contribution to the development of the atom bomb

9th March MAX JONES, University of Manchester ‘Measuring the world: Exploration, empire and the Royal Geographical Society, 1850-1914’

16th March HENRIKA KUKLICK, University of Pennsylvania ‘Personal equations: Reconceptualizing fieldwork a century ago’

23rd March MARK JACKSON, University of Exeter ‘Strange reactions: Clemens von Pirquet and the meaning of allergy’

20th April RHODRI HAYWARD, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL ‘The influential general practitioner’

27th April PAMELA H. SMITH, Pomona College, California ‘Butter and mercury: Towards a history of tacit knowledge in early modern Europe’

4th May SORAYA DE CHADAREVIAN, University of Cambridge ‘The “genetics project” in postwar Britain’

11th May TARA ABRAHAM, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science ‘Warren S. McCulloch and the emergence of modern neurosciences’

20th May (*Thursday*) HISTORY OF MEDICINE LECTURE RANDALL PACKARD, Johns Hopkins University ‘The Myth of the ‘Malaria Tolerant Native’: Medical Research and Colonial Development in South Africa in the 1920s and 30s’ 5.30 pm, Lecture Theatre 2, Stopford Building