23 April Dr Samuel Gessner, University of Lisbon ‘Introducing logarithms in Lisbon: the role of English instruments in the circulation of mathematical concepts and calculation methods’

30 April Dr Anna Maerker, Oxford Brookes University ‘The production and circulation of anatomical models in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe’

7 May Pedro Raposo, University of Oxford ‘Astronomers go shopping: observatories, instrument trade and practitioners’ travels in nineteenth-century astronomy’

13 May [Tuesday] Dr Sofia Talas, University of Padua ‘Birth of an 18th-century Cabinet of Physics: the Teatro di Filosofia Sperimentale in Padua’

21 May Professor David Wootton, University of York ‘Galileo and the Experimental Method’

28 May Dr Alexander Marr, University of St Andrews ‘The Material Culture of Mathematics in Late Renaissance Italy’

To find the room, come down the outside stone staircase to the basement level and though the glass doors beneath Broad Street. All welcome.