21st February AFTERNOON SEMINAR Katrina Dean (Curator for the History of Science, British Library) Theatres of Australian science and national development in World War One and after

28th February AFTERNOON SEMINAR James Sumner (CHSTM, University of Manchester) The Mighty Microcosm: Home Computers, Standardisation and User Subcultures in Britain, 1980-90

7th March AFTERNOON SEMINAR Ulrike Lindner (University of Cambridge) How to deal with a “diminishing threat”? Health policy, VD and morals after 1945 in the UK and West Germany

14th March AFTERNOON SEMINAR Matthew Cobb (Zoology Department, University of Manchester) From generation to genetics

21st March AFTERNOON SEMINAR: Richard Powell (Simon Fellow) Observing field practices: documenting the contested spaces of High Arctic environmental science

28th March AFTERNOON SEMINAR: Christine Garwood Myths, Meanings and Metaphors: The Revival of the Flat- Earth Idea in Victorian Britain

25th April AFTERNOON SEMINAR: Gowan Dawson (University of Leicester) Victorian Scientific Publishing and the 1857 Obscene Publications Act.

2nd May AFTERNOON SEMINAR Michael Worboys and Neil Pemberton (CHSTM) Mad Dogs, Bradfordians and Russian Peasants: The Reception of Pasteur’s Rabies Treatment in England

9th May AFTERNOON SEMINAR George Weisz (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) The Biomedical Construction of Premenstrual Syndrome in France, the UK and USA

16th May AFTERNOON SEMINAR Lutz Saurteig (Durham University) Representations of Pregnancy and Birth in German Sex Education Books 1900s-1970s

5th June AFTERNOON SEMINAR Mitchell Ash (University of Vienna) Scientific and political changes in Germany and Austria 1919, 1933/38, 1945, 1989

13th June AFTERNOON SEMINAR Linda Bryder (University of Auckland, New Zealand) TITLE: TBA

27th June AFTERNOON SEMINAR Christoph Gradmann, (University of Heidelberg) A Colonial Laboratory. Robert Koch and Tropical Medicine

Afternoon Seminars are held at 4 pm in Room 2.57 Second Floor, Simon Building. Tea is served at 3:30 pm.

For information on any of the One-Day Workshops, please contact the organiser.

More information is available at http://www.manchester.ac.uk/chstm/events/