Sex, Ethics and Psychology: The Networks and Cultural Context of Albert
Moll (1862-1939)

A two-day Conference examining the work of Albert Moll in the context of
late Imperial and Weimar Germany medicine, culture and society and also
looking at the international impact of his work.

Sponsored by the Northern Centre for the History of Medicine supported by
the Wellcome Trust

Thursday 5th – Friday 6th November, 2009
Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease, Durham University, Wolfson
Research Institute,  Queen’s Campus, Stockton-on-Tees, TS17 6BH
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-5th November 2009-

Parapsychology and Occultism
(morning session)

Heather Wolffram (University of Queensland, Australia). ‘”Trick”,
“manipulation” and “farce”: Albert Moll’s critique of occultism’

Barbara Wolf-Braun (University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany). ‘Albert Moll’s
fight against occultism and parapsychology’

Andreas Sommer (University College London, UK). ‘Pathologising the occult:
Moll, Schrenck-Notzing, and the creation of anomalistic psychology’

Medical Ethics
(afternoon session)

Holger Maehle (Durham University, UK). ‘Moll’s medical ethics: more theory
than practice?’

Boleslav Lichterman (Russian Academy of Science, Moscow). ‘Russian critics
of “Aerztliche Ethik”‘

Collective Identities and Personal Animosities
(evening session)

Rosa Reicher (University of Heidelberg, Germany). ‘Beyond integration and
modern self-identification: Albert Moll and his Jewish heritage’

Volkmar Sigusch (University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany). ‘The sexologist
Albert Moll in relation to Sigmund Freud and Magnus Hirschfeld’

-6th November 2009-

Normal and Deviant Sexuality I
(morning session)

Harry Oosterhuis (University of Maastricht, Netherlands). ‘Psychiatry,
perversion and modern sexuality’

Philippe Weber (Zurich, Switzerland). ‘Albert Moll on homosexuality: the
subversive impact of case studies’

Normal and Deviant Sexuality II
(morning session)

Lutz Sauerteig (Durham University, UK). ‘Moll and the invention of
childhood sexuality’

Thomas Schmuck (University of Leipzig, Germany) ‘Inconsistencies and
disorder of human sexuality: Menikov’s views on sexuality by comparison
to Moll’

Sexology in Practice
(afternoon session)

Matthew Conn (University of Iowa, US). ‘Moll as Witness: sexologists and
expert testimony in Germany, 1890s-1930s’

Thomas Bryant (Berlin, Germany). ‘Sexological deliberation and social
engineering: Albert Moll and the sterilization movement in late Imperial
and Weimar Germany’