The Francis C. Wood Institute for the History of Medicine at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia is pleased to announce the availability of short-term grants for 2004-2005.

Wood Fellowships carry a maximum grant of $1000, and require at least one week’s residence at the College of Physicians. Grants will be awarded to scholars engaged in projects requiring use of the Historical Medical Library or Mütter Museum between July 2004 and June 2005. The grants are intended for travel to Philadelphia or to offset income loss and research expenses.

For further information on the collections of the College Library and the Mütter Museum, please consult our website: <>

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Anyone with a legitimate research need for the print, manuscript, and artifactual collections of the College of Physicians is invited to apply. Applicants should submit proposals of no more than one thousand words, including necessary length of residence, historical materials to be used, and a budget (with specific information on travel, lodging, and research expenses), along with a curriculum vitae and one letter of recommendation.

Applications may be submitted by mail or fax, or by email or email attachments.

APPLICATION DEADLINE The next deadline is April 1, 2004.

CONTACT INFORMATION Individuals interested in applying for this program should send pertinent materials to:

Marc Miller Administrative Assistant Wood Institute for the History of Medicine College of Physicians of Philadelphia 19 South 22nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19103-3097 [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> 215-563-3737, ext. 305 fax: 215569-0356


Keith Beutler (Ph.D candidate, History, Washington University in St. Louis) “Patriotic Mnemonics and Medicalization of Memory in the Early American Republic”

Eric Boyle (Ph.D. candidate, History of Science and Medicine, UC-Santa Barbara) “History of Orthodox and Unorthodox Medical Therapeutics”

Angela Britlinger, Ph.D. (Slavics, Ohio State University) “Madness in Russia”

Juanita De Barros, Ph.D (History, Western Michigan University) “Race, Identity and the Emergence of a Creole Medical Profession in the British Caribbean”

Greg Eghigian, Ph.D. (History, Pennsylvania State University) “Crime, Politics and Psychiatry in Germany, 1933-1989”

Lynda Stephenson Payne, Ph.D. (History, and Women’s and Gender Studies; University of Missouri, Kansas City) “History of Gonorrhea in Britain, 1600-1800”

Amy Farrell, Ph.D (American Studies and Women’s Studies, Dickinson College) “Corpulence, Obesity, and Weight Control 1800-1970”

David Hancock, Ph.D (History, University of Michigan) “Madeira Wine, 1640-1815”

Katie Hollister (MFA candidate, University of Arizona)

[Research/Inspiration for Paintings]

Shawn Kimmell (Ph.D. candidate, History, University of Michigan) “Medical Police”

Angela Matysiak (Ph.D. candidate, History, George Washington University) “Albert Bruce Sabin: The Development of an Oral Vaccine against Poliomyelitis”

Matthew Newsom (Ph.D. candidate, University of Southern California) “Anglo-American Isolation of Infectious Fevers, 1860s-1930s”

Vera Blinn Reber, Ph.D (History, Shippensburg University) “TB in Philadelphia, 1810-1940”

Robin Rohrer (History, Seton Hill University) “‘Curing’ Children with Cancer”

Nicole M. Scott (Ph.D. candidate, Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh) “Dermatoglyphics and Dysmorphologies”

Tanya Sheehan (Ph.D. candidate, History of Art and Architecture, Brown University) “Art of Operating: Portrait Photography and Surgery in Late 19th Century American Culture”

Olapeju Simoyan, BDS, MPH (Medical student, Penn State University College of Medicine) “International Medical Assistance Programs: Establishing a Historical Perspective”

Sarah Tracy, Ph.D (Honors College, University of Oklahoma) “Alcoholism in America, 1870-1920”