SICU2: An International Workshop on Historic Scientific Instrument Collections in the University 21-24 June 2007 in Oxford, Mississippi Sponsored by The Scientific Instrument Commission and The University of Mississippi, with funding from the National Science Foundation. ==================================== In June 2004, an international conference on Scientific Instrument Collections in Universities (SICU) was held at Dartmouth College. The SICU conference brought to light significant collections and began organizing a group of scholars with common interests in formalizing university and college collections. However, much remains to be done to address the unique challenges faced by those who deal with these collections and to increase awareness among those who may not recognize the importance of their collections.

To continue where the first SICU conference left off, the University of Mississippi will host the SICU2 workshop in June 2007. The aim of this workshop is to solidify the foundation for finding, describing, organizing, preserving, and utilizing the vast resource of instrument collections available in academic institutions worldwide. We seek an interdisciplinary gathering of people who care for university collections, as well as historians, scientists, educators, curators, archivists, and others who are interested in helping the SICU community achieve : 1. increased access to more collections by getting scientists and educators more involved in efforts to expand scholarly research using historical instruments. 2. improved security and preservation of more collections by expanding efforts to build a practical resource for stewardship of historical instruments. 3. increased use and appreciation of more collections by developing and sharing creative ways of exhibiting, reproducing, studying, and recognizing historical instruments.

During the SICU2 Workshop, an expanded exhibition of “The Millington Barnard Collection of Natural Philosophy Demonstration Apparatus” will be on display at the University Museum, and both Barnard Observatory (1859 replica of the Poulkovo Observatory) and Kennon Observatory (with the largest Grubb telescope in the U. S.) will be open for tours. If there is sufficient interest, a post-workshop excursion may be planned to attractions in the Mississippi Delta and Memphis.

The University of Mississippi is in Oxford, longtime home of William Faulkner and 70 miles southeast of Memphis, Tennessee. Lodging will be available at The Inn at Ole Miss. Transportation between Memphis International Airport and Oxford will be provided. For those who may wish to extend their stay, North Mississippi, the Delta, and the Memphis areas provide many literary, cultural and historical attractions.

The formal call for papers will be distributed in October. A limited number of travel grants will be available to graduate students, junior scholars, and international participants; applications for these will be available in October.

The Workshop web site ( has more details. Feel free to contact us ([email protected] ) if you are interested in participating in the workshop, to ensure that you receive future announcements.