Sixth Annual UK Workshop on Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

“Revisiting the Aims and Methods of Integrated HPS”

At the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, 18-19 April 2011

Monday 18 April

12-1pm Arrival/welcome and buffet lunch

1.00-1.15pm Introduction (Hasok Chang, Cambridge)

1.15-2.45pm Session 1: “Why integrated HPS?” (chaired by Michela Massimi, UCL; organised by Chiara Ambrosio, UCL)
• Graeme Gooday (Leeds) and Daniel Mitchell (Hong Kong University), “Rethinking Classical Physics”
• Ann-Sophie Barwich (Exeter), “Natura Non Facit Saltus — The Appeal of the Continuous: What HPS Reveals about Principles of Nature”.
• Chiara Ambrosio and Brendan Clarke (UCL), “Charles Bell at UCL: Medical Images, Representative Practices and the Aims of Integrated HPS”

2.45-3.30pm Coffee/tea break

3.30-5pm Session 2: “How is it actually done?” (chaired by Catherine Wilson, Aberdeen; organised by Ian James Kidd, Durham)
• Tom Bunce (Durham), “Presentist Historiography and the Integration of History and Philosophy of Science”
• Josephine Donaghy (Exeter), “Relating the Past to Current Interpretations: A Case Study of Microbial Ontologies”
• Jonathan Everett (UCL), “Synthetic History: Friedman’s Approach to HPS”
• Maria Kon (Leeds), “Analyses of Scientific Concepts: A Philosophical Mere Means to a Historical End?”

5.00-6.30pm Reception

Tuesday 19 April

9.00-10.30am Session 3: “But will it work?” (chaired by Tim Lewens, Cambridge; organised by Greg Radick, Leeds)
• Angelo Cei (Leeds), “Dissonantzen Quartet: The Perils of Theoretical Practices”
• Ian Kidd (Durham), “The Moral Historiography of Epistemic Humility as a Problem for Integrated HPS”
• Sabina Leonelli (Exeter), “When HPS Critiques Science: An Achievement or a Problem?”
• Michela Massimi (UCL),”What Future for History and Philosophy of Science After Kuhn?”

10.30-11.15am Coffee/tea break

11.15am-12.45pm Session 4: “How do we teach it?” (chaired and organised by Sabina Leonelli)
• Panel discussion with Hasok Chang (Cambridge), Ian James Kidd (Durham), Stephanie Ratcliffe (KCL/UCL), Leon Rocha (Cambridge)

12.45-1.00pm Closing remarks

1.00-2.00pm Lunch and farewell

This event is jointly hosted by the Universities of Cambridge, Exeter, Durham, Leeds, Aberdeen, and UCL, with additional financial support from the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, the British Society for the History of Science, and the Mind Association (decision pending).

********** NB Registration is free but space is limited. Those interested in attending should contact Hasok Chang, email: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>