The sixth biennial “Davoser Literaturtage” on literature and medicine (founded by Helmut Koopmann and Christian Virchow) will take place from 8 to 14 August in Davos, Switzerland. The topic of this year’s event is “Love and Death – in Venice and elsewhere”. Leading Germanists such as Terence J. Reed from Oxford and physicians/medical historians such as Thomas Rütten from Newcastle upon Tyne will present hitherto unknown sources, unearth new strands of meaning and intertextuality in Thomas Mann’s novellas and discuss the cultural significance of medical ideas to be found in them. We are delighted to have Frido Mann, Thomas Mann’s grandson, as our special guest this year. For the programme which includes guided tours and films on Thomas Mann’s novellas, see Online registration under For further information and reservation, please contact Davos Tourismus, 7370 Davos Platz, Switzerland, [email protected] or Thomas Rütten ([email protected]) Thomas Rütten