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SoBio Workshop – Mobilising the European Social Research Potential in Support of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management

Two Day International Workshop Segovia-Spain, September 22-23, 2005 Deadline: March 21, 2005

The European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) invites submissions of papers for the SoBio workshop.

Biodiversity and Social Science The SoBio research project will hold an interdisciplinary two-day workshop for exploring and mobilizing the social research potential in biodiversity and ecosystem management. It will bring together different perspectives on the role of social science in biodiversity policy; therefore this workshop invites papers from a diverse range of disciplines.

The SoBio workshop has the three following broadly defined aims:

Main aims SoBio workshop:

To present the SoBio research and to promote and showcase the idea of social research in biodiversity policy. To create a forum for interaction between natural science researchers, social science researchers and policymakers in the field of nature conservation and biodiversity. To generate and assimilate input from the workshop participants to create a research programme.

This will include keynote speeches from representatives of the European commission and European Social and Natural science researchers. Workshop sessions will have different themes, articulated around the study of a number of different interfaces between biodiversity and society. The overall themes are Communicating, Governing and Participating in Biodiversity.

For these sessions we welcome abstract submissions of case studies on but not limited to the following themes:

Participating in Biodiversity 1. Management of conflict of Species 2. Pitfalls of Public Participation

Governing Biodiversity 3. The Political Socio Economic transformation of Society 4. The role of regional governance and local Management 5. Using interdisciplinary scientific knowledge in policy

Communicating Biodiversity 6. The role of Communication science in biodiversity 7. Social Marketing 8. Attitudes and Perceptions towards biodiversity

Contributions from all disciplines, and from all European or European candidate countries are most welcome. However, all contributors are encouraged to centre their papers on their research experience with social science and biodiversity.

The deadline for submissions of papers is March 21, 2005

Please send abstracts of up to one page and CV to the organisers. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Venue details: Universidad SEK, Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, Segovia For more info:

European Centre for Nature Conservation

Project Coordinator Karen Gilbert ([email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>)

Project Officer Natasja Hulst ([email protected])

ECNC Headquarters Tilburg Reitseplein 3 PO Box 90154 5000 LG Tilburg The Netherlands Tel.: +31-13-5944944 Fax: +31-13-5944945

For more information on SoBio or ECNC consult our website: www. Or email Natasja Hulst: [email protected]

Please note: participation is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation and would like to join the Workshop please contact the Project Team as soon as possible as places are limited.