“Sound in the Era of Mechanical Reproduction”

November 2-3, 2007

Hagley Library, Wilmington, Delaware

For the conference, “Sound in the Era of Mechanical Reproduction,” the Center for the History of Business, Technology and Society invites proposals for empirically based historical papers that analyze sound in commercial, technological, and legal environments since the late 19th century. The conference will take place November 2-3, 2007 at the Hagley Library in Wilmington, Delaware. Our principal interest is in papers that explore the integration of sound with the commercial practices of music, radio, film, and television, and the commercial engineering of sound in social environments such as shopping and the workplace. Proposals can consider the legal and cultural implications of innovations in technology and business practices, such as the impact on the political economy of sound and notions of sound and sound-based products as property. We also encourage papers that explore sources of innovation in sound and music (especially from communities and/or business enterprises defined by ethnicity, race, or region), as well as those focusing on the transnational circulation of sound-related technologies and business practices.

Proposals should be no more than 500 words and accompanied by a short cv. Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2007. The program committee includes David Suisman, Susan Strasser, Philip Scranton and Roger Horowitz. Travel support is available for those presenting papers at the conference. To submit a proposal or to obtain more information, contact Carol Lockman, Hagley Museum and Library, PO Box 3630, Wilmington DE 19807, 302-658-2400, ext. 243; 302-655-3188 (fax); [email protected].