South Kensington Institute for the History of Technology A collaborative enterprise of the Science Museum and the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Imperial College

SUMMER 2004 Seminars in the History of Science and Technology

Thursday 29 April 2004 Serafina Cuomo, Imperial College Measures for an Emperor: Volusius Maecianus’s treatise money

Thursday 13 May 2004 Doron Swade, Science Museum, London Dumbing Down: the Shocking Truth about Charles Babbage and his Calculating Engines NB: This seminar will be held in room 8 of the Seminar and Learning Centre, Sherfield Building (entrance from the fifth floor), beginning at 16.30.

Thursday 27 May 2004 Christopher Chilvers, Science Museum, London 1931 – the year the Science Museum raised the red flag: the Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology and the Russian delegation

Thursday 3 June 2004 Cédric Cremière, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris and Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL. Science at the Museum. The Museum of Obstetrical Anatomy of the Clinique Tarnier. Childbirth Medicine in France: 1880-1920

Thursday 10 June 2004 Simone Turchetti, University of Manchester For Slow Neutrons, Slow Pay. Enrico Fermi’s Group and the Whole “Business” of Nuclear Physics, 1935-1953

All the seminars (except the one on 13 May) will be held in the Science Museum Conference Room, 2nd floor, Imperial College & Science Museum Library, and will begin at 16.30.

For further details please contact Dr Peter Morris, The Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2DD. Tel: 0207 942 4167 email: