BSHS President Dr Patrica Fara writes: 

As a former BSHS President remarked enviously to me a couple of weeks ago, this is a marvellous time to be running the BSHS: there are so many exciting innovations!

To start with, there’s our sparkling website, which our enterprising Communications Officer Jessica van Horssen has transformed both in terms of on-screen appearance and back-stage performance. If you have any news about history of science activities, please send them to her at [email protected]

While you’re admiring the web-site, you might like to look at our new BSHS Translations page, where you will find the first in our new series of on-line scholarly translations. Staffan Müller-Wille and Kersten Hall have created a unique rendition of  Gregor Mendel’s seminal paper on pea plants, ‘Experiments on Plant Hybrids’ (1866), which provides the experience of reading an original document expressed in the vocabulary of the time.  The innovative and attractive publication format allows users to move easily between the original paper, the English translation, and sentence-by-sentence commentaries drawing on the latest scholarship about Mendel and his world.

Our second electronic publication in the BSHS Translation Series is already in preparation: Stephen Pumfrey’s parallel text edition of William Gilbert’s De Magnete in Latin and S P Thompson’s English translation of 1903. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up and running, but in the meantime, please write to me if you have any translations of your own that you would like to contribute.

The BSHS web-site will also tell you about the advantages of membership, which include a 30% reduction in personal subscriptions to Notes and Records and a 20% discount on all Ashgate publications. In addition, after a long series of negotiations, Greg Radick has persuaded Cambridge University Press (which publishes BJHS) to offer a 20% discount to all BSHS members on CUP books within the categories ‘history of science and technology’, ‘history of medicine’ and ‘history of science: general interest.’

Moving to paper publications, Alice White has just sent out the latest beautifully illustrated issue of Viewpoint, which this time is devoted to an impressive range of articles about ancient science – whether its maths, milk or medicine that you’re interested in, Viewpoint has something for you.

And now to conferences. In keeping with our commitment to Europe, our postgraduates will be meeting soon in Florence, while the BSHS annual conference will be held in York from 6-9 July. Sabine Clarke has lined up a fantastic programme, and there are already a couple of hundred delegates signed up. For those of you who are going to Rio de Janeiro in the summer, the deadline to apply for BSHS travel grants is 17 March. The other BSHS deadline looming up is 31 March, for Research and Special Project Grants.

Continuing the European theme, we are also planning the 8th ESHS Conference in London in September 2018. Frank James is the chair of the organising committee, which has arranged that some events will be held in collaboration with the Royal Society and the Science Museum. One very attractive feature of the 7th conference in Prague was the plenary slot given to Early Career Plenary Lectures. This is the ESHS appeal for the London conference (please note the generous terms associated with this honour):

We invite all members to submit nominations for early career plenary lectures at the 8th ESHS Conference (no more than one nomination per member, thank you).

These lectures are meant to present an overview of a field or topic within the history of science that has received considerable attention and/or has generated fresh approaches to the discipline in recent years.
Written versions of these lectures (“State of the art in…”) will be published in Centaurus. The speakers’ fees, accommodation, and travel expenses will be covered.

The nominating procedure will be posted on the website in due time. Nominations should include: (i) name of nominated early career scholar (less than 10 years after PhD), with a résumé of his/her CV and list of publications; (ii) a short description of the field or topic in the history of science to be revised; and (iii) a list of important publications in this field. Nominations are to be sent to the Secretary, Erika Luciano.

Deadline: June 1, 2017.

Please remember that the BSHS is your Society, so just let me know if you have any suggestions of how we could make it even better.

With very best wishes,