After considerable discussion, HSS has decided to lend its support to the March for Science this 22 April (Sat). That support has taken the following form:

  1. Sign the American Historical Association’s letter of supportfor the March.HSS is an affiliate of AHA.
  1. Issue a statement (below) on the March that we will post on the HSS site and elsewhere:

Statement from HSS regarding the March for Science

The study of the history of science demonstrates that science is a human enterprise, deriving strength both from the diverse cultures of scientific practice and the faithful application of shared methods of evidence-based inquiry. In the past, science has undeniably advanced collective knowledge. When it is responsive to public concerns, it serves the common good. On these grounds, the History of Science Society heartily endorses the Core Principles of the March, which affirm a commitment to the highest ideals of science in service of global society.

  1. Provide historians of science a way to connect with each other so that they may march together (this is an international event). We have created a Facebook page toward this end. Please go to:

Like the organizers of the March for Science, we do not see this as a one-time event and hope that it will mark a beginning for broader support for science and the history of science. This effort fits nicely into HSS’s strategic plan, which calls for us to “Promote history of science … by advocating on behalf of the field and its practitioners to the public, to government officials, to universities, and to potential employers of historians of science….” I am grateful to HSS’s Committee on Advocacy, chaired by Marc Rothenberg, for its work on advocacy and invite any member who wishes to help those efforts to volunteer.