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STS Seminar Series

STS Seminar Series

You are invited to:

***************************************************************************** Monday 3 October, 5pm, in room G3, 22 Gordon Square

Michela Massimi (STS Department, UCL): ‘Where Kuhnian incommensurability leaves us: a lesson from the crisis of the old quantum theory’ (Work in Progress)

***************************************************************************** Monday 17 October

Waqar Zaidi (Imperial College, London): ‘A Case-study in Technological Internationalism: inter-war proposals for the internationalisation of aviation’ (Work in Progress)

***************************************************************************** Monday 14 November

Alice Farrands (STS Department, UCL): ‘Interlocking Heresies: the politics of bioethics in the embryonic stem cell research debate’ (Work in Progress)

***************************************************************************** Wednesday 16 November 4.30pm, venue TBC Public Lecture

Michael Ruse (Florida State University): ‘Darwin or Design: reporting from the front lines of America’s struggle over evolution.’

(Annual Grant Lecture, co-sponsored by STS Department)

***************************************************************************** Monday 28 November

Tiago Mata (STS Department, UCL): ‘Dissent in 1970s Economics’ (Work in Progress)

***************************************************************************** All seminars begin at 5pm and are in room G3, 22 Gordon Square, unless otherwise stated

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