***************************************************************************** Monday 17 January, 5pm, in room G3, 22 Gordon Square (Work in Progress)

Roger Luckhurst (Birkbeck) Can there be a Science Fiction?

***************************************************************************** Monday 7 February 5pm, Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre Public Lecture

Steven Yearley (University of York) Reflexive Modernization, Science Studies and the Law (or was Beck right about something?)

***************************************************************************** Monday 21 February

Christopher Chilvers (Science Museum, London) 1931 – the Year the Red Flag was Raised at the Science Museum: the Second International Congress and the Russian delegation (Work in Progress)

***************************************************************************** Monday 7 March 5.30pm, Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre Public Lecture

Harry Collins (Cardiff University) Aspects of Sociological Research on Gravitational Wave Physics

***************************************************************************** Monday 14 March

Peter Smith(STS Department, UCL) The Doomsday Men: the Science and Fiction of Destruction (Work in Progress)

***************************************************************************** Monday 21 March

Robert Bud (Science Museum, London) Technology, Penicillin and the Brand: a new approach to social construction (Work in Progress)

***************************************************************************** All seminars begin at 5pm and are in room G3, 22 Gordon Square, unless otherwise stated *****************************************************************************