International Summer School

Souls, clocks, atoms and forces: Competing models of individuals in Early Modern Thought

Macea (Arad, Romania) 30 August – 15 September

The Summer School proposes an interdisciplinary approach to Early Modern Thought through one of the central themes of modernity, that of the individual. Invited speakers include: Daniel Garber (Princeton Universty), Roger Ariew (Virginia Politechnic University), Katherine Brading (Oxford University), Vincent Carraud (Universite de Caen), Horia Roman Patapievici (Bucharest), Catalin Avramescu, (Vienna).

Organisers: Research Center Foundation of Modern Science, University of Bucharest, West University “Vasile Goldis”, Arad, New Europe College, Bucharest, ARCHES, Bucharest.

More informations at: or by email at [email protected]. Deadline 15 July 2003.