Position Description: Visiting Fellowship

Due Date for Applications: 09/30/2009

Institution/Employer: Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science

Location: University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

Duration: 1 semester

Eligibility Requirements: We are currently inviting applications for

one-semester visiting fellowships at The University of Sydney, for

either second semester (August to November) 2010 or first semester

(February to May) 2011. This program is associated with The Sydney

Centre for the Foundations of Science (SCFS), a research centre

sponsoring work into the logical, philosophical and historical

foundations of science (further details below). We are hoping to

receive applications from leading historians and philosophers of

science (including the special sciences and biomedical sciences) at

any post-PhD career stage. This is the fourth round of such

fellowships and we anticipate being able to offer them each year.

Additional Information: It is expected that there will be up to four

fellowships per year, and each fellowship will come with a travelling

allowance of up to AUD 6,000. These fellowships will provide

opportunities for academics on sabbatical from their home institution

to spend a semester in a productive and collegial research environment

(in a beautiful city), to work with members of the SCFS and with other

visiting fellows. The stipend is to help offset some of the travelling

and living-away-from-home expenses. The successful applicants will be

expected to work on a specific research project that is of interest to

members of the SCFS. One of the aims of the SCFS is to strengthen

international links in history and philosophy of science, so

expressions of interest from researchers outside Australia are

particularly encouraged.

Applications should including a cover letter, a CV, and a brief

outline of the proposed research project (including why you wish to

pursue the research at the University of Sydney and which members of

the SCFS team you anticipate collaborating with). Applications should

be sent (preferably electronically) to:

Rod Taveira

Administrative Officer

Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science

School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry

A14, Main Quadrangle

University of Sydney

Sydney, NSW, 2006


Email: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

by 30th September 2009.


The SCFS is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of

Sydney. We draw together researchers from philosophy, history, history

and philosophy of science, science and medicine, with research

concentrations in and around foundations of physics, decision theory,

history and philosophy of biology, history of early modern science,

and history of medicine. Senior members of the SCFS include, Warwick

Anderson, Stephen Bartlett, Alison Bashford, David Braddon-Mitchell,

Mark Colyvan, Clio Cresswell, Ofer Gal, Stephen Garton, Stephen

Gaukroger, Paul Griffiths, Jenann Ismael, Ian Kerridge, Dominic

Murphy, Hans Pols, Huw Price, Dean Rickles, Nick Smith, and Karola

Stotz. We also have a number of mid-career and junior faculty, as well

as several postdoctoral fellows and graduate students associated with

the SCFS. Further details can be found on our website: http://www.usyd.edu.au/foundations_of_science

Web Address for More Info: http://www.usyd.edu.au/foundations_of_science/

Contact E-mail for More Info: [email protected]