International symposium Paris, March 2005 Call for papers: History of sciences, Prehistory, Anthropology Histoire et actualité de l’œuvre scientifique de S.A.S. Le Prince Albert Ier de Monaco

1895-2005 : Bilan et perspectives des connaissances sur les peuplements néandertaliens et les premiers hommes modernes de l’Europe méditerranéenne

Topics :

– To remind, from the point of view of the history of the sciences, the leading scientific part of Prince Albert in the development of the prehistoric studies.

– Establish the importance of the works in prehistoric archaeology led by the Prince and verify the relevance of the paleolithic collections collected by him towards the last headways of the research.

– Integrate these collections into a global view and an attempt of synthesis of the study of the first settlements of Mediterranean Europe.

Program chair Professeur H. de Lumley Institut de paléontologie humaine 1 rue René Panhard – 75013 Paris [email protected]

Submission deadline : December 31st, 2004