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Symposium on Ethics of Science

///Symposium on Ethics of Science

Symposium on Ethics of Science

Symposium on Ethics of Science   A Symposium on the Ethics of Science would be held during the forthcoming 32nd Indian Social Science Congress, at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, in 3 afternoon sessions from 19 to 21 Dec 2008.   A draft note outlining the objectives of the symposium may be found at  [ http://www.issaindia.in/oip/ethics_of_science_national_symposium.asp ]http://www.issaindia.in/oip/ethics_of_science_national_symposium.asp.   (An earlier draft, printed in the Congress booklet, can be accessed from  [ http://ckraju.net/ethics/ethics.html ]http://ckraju.net/ethics/ethics.html.)   All interested are invited to participate. Intending speakers should send an abstract by email to the convenor at [ mailto:[email protected] ][email protected] with a copy to the Indian Social Science Academy at [ mailto:[email protected] ][email protected].      We hope to have some funds to support domestic travel and local hospitality for some participants.   Contact Person: C. K. Raju Convenor National Academic Committee on Ethics

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