Talking Off the Record: Conversations between Scientists and Government 11 May 2005 @ The Churchill Archives, Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS

This conference re-examines the intimate history of the relationship between scientists and government in Britain in the 20th century. As part of CRASSH’s programme of events engaging with the theme of Conversation, we will not only revisit the question of why did formal dialogue between scientists and government deepen, but also discuss the informal relationships: the talk that was ‘off the record’.

The conference includes a Witness Seminar with: Sir Hermann Bondi (Chief Scientific Advisor MOD 1971-77) Sir Ian Lloyd (President of Parliamentary Scientific Committee 1990-92) Sir Alcon Copisarow (Chief Scientific Officer, Ministry of Technology, 1964-66)

Other speakers include:

Brian Balmer (UCL) Charles Thorpe (UCL) Katrina Dean (University of Bristol) Dominique Pestre (Centre Alexandre Koyré-EHESS, Paris)

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