University College London Department of Science & Technology Studies

Teaching Fellow(s)

Teaching Fellows will undertake preparation, teaching and marking of essays and exams for a specified course (or courses) due to staff leave (Dr. H. Chang & Dr. A. Gregory). For the coming year these courses are:

HPSCB109 History of Science (Term 1) HPSCB111 Philosophy of Science (Term 1) HPSCB210 Topics in the Philosophy of Science (Term 1) HPSC2012 Science, Religion and Revolution or HPSCC215 Scientific Revolution (Term 1) HPSCC325 Magic to Science MSc Philosophy of Science Option (Terms 2 & 3) MSc Core Course (2 lectures, Ancients, Copernicus, Term 1) and History of Ancient Science Option (3 lectures) (Terms 2 and 3)

Applications are welcomed for any one or any combination of up to 3 of these courses.

Part time temporary appointments will be made on the Lecturer A or B scales. The point and scale on which an individual is first appointed will be determined by the Head of Department, taking into account the individual’s skills, expertise and experience and the requirements of the role.

More information about the Department and the courses taught can be found on our website at Enquiries should be sent in the first instance to the Undergraduate Tutor, Dr Andrew Gregory (email [email protected] or telephone 020 7679 2490).

The closing date for applications will be Friday 12th August.