Call for Papers

Technisierung/ˆVsthetisierung – Technological and Aesthetic (Trans)Formations of Society Darmstadt Technical University, October 12 to 14, 2005

For the past nine years, the interdisciplinary graduate college “Technisierung und Gesellschaft” considered the technological (trans)formation of society. As the last cohort of doctoral students concludes its studies, the final conference widens the perspective and brings past researches to bear on the interplay of technological and aesthetic dimensions of formative processes in contemporary societies.

By foregrounding process, the conference goes beyond the iconic turn in science and technology studies. Rather than focus on images, it will explore the work that goes into producing self and society in the image of technology. This work involves constructions of time and space, it negotiates forces of globalization and localization, it construes self and nature as subject and object of technological shaping. This work also produces tensions between and among aesthetic and technological ideals.

Abstracts from a wide variety of disciplines are welcome. These include philosophy, sociology, history, engineering and the natural sciences, art history, linguistics or media studies. Submit 500-word abstracts by April 22, 2005, as a Word or RichText document to TU Darmstadt, Fachbereich 2, Graduiertenkolleg ‘Technisierung und Gesellschaft’, Karolinenplatz 5 (Fach 1404), 64289 Darmstadt, Germany. E-mail: [email protected]

There will be panels on: – Aesthetic Anticipation – Art, Technosciences, and Social Criticism – Metaphors in Science and Technology – The Aesthetic Dimensions of Warfare – Urban Spaces and Private Quarters

Other topics might include: – Perception and Technologies of Visualization – The Justification of the Self as Post-Human Artwork – Designing Life-Cycles of People and Products – Modeling between Artefacts and practical Usage – Vestiges of Nature – Visions and Visionaries from Science Fiction to Science Fact – Figurative and the Literal Aspects of Technical Discourses – Bordercrossings: Technology and the Arts

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