Invitation to a graduate-workshop and a public seminar on technology and terrorism at the University of Aarhus, Friday 6 October 2006, 9am-4pm.

Since 9-11 global terrorism has been a global concern. In the news we learn of new technologies invented to prevent terrorist attacks — and of new technologies used by terrorists getting smarter by the minute. We all know that. But in a more general sense what role does technology play in this game? How should we understand it? How should we study it? Is it a new thing? In the workshop we talk about how we as historians and sociologists can comprehend and deal with technology and terrorism — and why we should care. In the seminar we present examples of how it can be done.

All welcome!

Seminar: State of Fear: Terror and Technology in the 21st Century

Graduate workshop: Technologies of Fear: Understanding the Mechanics of State and Terror

Presentations by: Professor David Edgerton, Imperial College, London Associate Professor Mats Fridlund, The Technical University of Denmark Associate Professor Lars Erslev Andersen, The Southern University of Denmark and Dr Mikkel Thorup, The University of Aarhus

For further details please consult the websites: Seminar: Programme in pdf: (includes abstracts)

Workshop: Programme in pdf: (includes abstracts and research questions)

Registration, accommodation and transport: Registration is necessary ASAP (and no later than Wednesday 4 October). For cheap accommodation in Aarhus see e.g. RyanAir operates London (Stanstead)-Aarhus at affordable rates.

Questions: Any questions can be directed to Mikkel Thorup ([email protected]) or Peter C. Kjærgaard ([email protected]).