Technology and the Body November 4-6, 2004 Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Canada

In the past thirty years, interest has grown in the study of the body in its social and cultural contexts but much remains to be discussed on its materiality and its technologies. Join us for this unique three day conference which presents an international gathering of experts speaking on a variety of subjects. The themes covered include: The Built Environment, Medicine, Clothing and Adornment, Body Enhancement, Athletics and The Body Expressive.

Keynote Speakers

Body-conscious Design Galen Cranz, Professor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

Galen Cranz is the author of The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body and Design. Her current research activity includes the body and the near-environment, the office of the future, environmental sociology, and the sociology of parks.

Working Knowledge of the Insensible Joy Parr, Professor, Canada Research Chair, Technology Culture and Risk, University of Western Ontario

Joy Parr teaches in the fields of contemporary social, economic and cultural history, history of childhood and the family and gender theory. Her current fieldwork looks at communities transformed by large engineering works.

Bodily Instruments Henry Glassie, Professor, Folklore Institute, Indiana University

Henry Glassie is one of the world’s leading material culture scholars, having researched artifacts in the United States, Ireland, Turkey, Bangladesh, India and Japan. He is the author and editor of over 28 books.

Conference Summation Dr. Edward Tenner

Edward Tenner is the author of Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences (Knopf, 1996) and Our Own Devices: The Past and Future of Body Technology (Knopf, 2003), a Vintage paperback edition which will appear in June, 2004. He continues to work on technology, design and unintended consequences.

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