Comparing images of scientists/technicians after WWII

Call for papers for the Technology Network, European Social Science History Conference, 22-25 March 2006

At the European Social Science History Conference, we would like to put together one or two sessions about images of scientists and technicians since World War II. It is well known that public reactions to innovations such as nuclear energy and weapons, new drugs and computers have varied widely, between great expectations and deep pessimism. The session will explore national differences in these reactions, as well as their development during the second half of the twentieth century, by focusing upon the image of the scientist/technician in popular culture. One may think of film, comic strips, popular magazines, children’s books and advertisements. Even though western countries were confronted with the many of the same innovations, their cultural differences may have caused them to react differently. I am myself doing a study of a popular magazine and a comic strip in the Netherlands, and am looking for comparisons with other western countries.

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