Dear Colleagues,

Following the success of the first Technoscience meeting in Liverpool (March 2003), a second meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, March 27th, 2004, between 10.30h and 14.30h.

The main objectives of the Technoscience seminars are as follows:-

To analyse the emergence of new technologies caused by the fusing together of physical science, biological science, and advanced engineering and to set this in historical perspective.

To identify the parts played by Information Technology, cybernetics, nanotechnology, AI, microelectronics, and other technologies representative of current advanced practice.

To provide a forum for the study of the history of modern technologies (often known as Technoscience) and to address problems peculiar to historical analysis in these fields.

To address the implications which the emergence of Technoscience has for education, and professional organization.

To encourage co-operation between groups and societies which at present are studying aspects of technoscience in isolation from each other.

The papers will be published in the annual journal Hevelius which is a joint publication by the universities of Sunderland, Liverpool, and Gdansk, and the Gdansk Scientific Society. The programme requires papers of 50-60 minutes in length. (The papers presented at Technoscience I dealt with space vehicle electronics technology; engineering mathematics; definitions of artificial intelligence; history of software; and evolution of engineering thought associated with Technoscience.)

The meeting will take place in the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool, and is part of the Educational Programme of the Museum and the City of Liverpool. The Museum and City are providing the lecture room and facilities free of charge. However, a charge will be levied to cover the cost of Light Refreshments and a Buffet Lunch. Speakers will receive free refreshments and buffet lunch.

The meeting is sponsored by the Hevelius network set up by the universities of Sunderland, Liverpool, & Gdansk to encourage analysis of current and recent scientific-technological change.


Colleagues wishing to present a paper should send an abstract or longer text (if available), preferably as a word-compatible attachment to :-

Dr M. C. Duffy, [email protected]

Dr Duffy will forward the abstracts and texts to his fellow referees and editors of Hevelius.

Those who wish to present papers are requested to submit their offer as quickly as they can.

yours sincerely

M. C. Duffy, PO Box 342, Burnley, Lancashire, GB, BB10 1XL