The Anesthesia History Association’s 12th annual Spring Meeting will be held Wednesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 7, 2005, in Birmingham, Alabama.


Deadline for submission of all abstracts is 31 January 2005.


Abstracts for twenty-minute papers are invited on historical aspects of anesthesia, critical care medicine and pain management. Abstracts on medical humanities or ethical topics that relate to the history of one or more of these broad areas are also invited. Abstracts should be no longer than two or three pages in length; text should be in 12-point font size. If possible, abstracts should indicate the research problem, sources used, methodological approach and should contain no more than fifteen references.

An excellent guide/bibliography for abstract preparation is available on the annual meeting page of the American Association for the History of Nursing at

Abstracts may be submitted by regular mail, fax, or electronic mail [in plain text format]. Disc submission in Word is also permitted. Abstracts submitted in electronic format may be made available to registrants in advance of the meeting and on the AHA WWW site as decided by the Organizing Committee. ALL accepted abstracts will be included in material distributed to meeting registrants.

Individuals who wish to organize a paper session around a theme should contact the committee as soon as possible.

Further updates, tentative program, and other material can be found on the conference web page at

More information about the AHA can be found at


Deadline for submission of all abstracts is 31 January 2005.


Send abstracts, inquiries, etc., to:

A.J. Wright, MLS Dept of Anesthesiology Library School of Medicine University of Alabama at Birmingham 619 19th Street South, JT965 Birmingham AL 35249-6810

205-975-0158 205-975-5963 [fax]

[email protected]