THE GENIUS OF ARCHIMEDES- 23 Centuries of Influence on Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Syracuse (Sicily) Italy

8-10 June 2010

This World Conference will celebrate the extraordinary achievements and enduring influence of Archimedes, and it will take place in the ancient City of Syracuse where Archimedes lived and worked 2300 years ago.

The Conference will bring together researchers and academicians from the broad ranges of Mathematics, Engineering, and Science. Historians of Science are also invited to participate.

The three-day meeting will take place in the ancient city of Syracuse (Ortygia) on the island of Sicily. A richly appealing social program will surround the Conference, including the opportunity to view an ancient Greek play in the city’s 2500-year-old Greek Theatre—where Archimedes himself enjoyed dramatic performances in the third century BC!

Seed funding for the Conference has been obtained from a division of the European Union. Additional funding is anticipated from international cultural and professional organizations.

The Conference is Organized by

# The City of Syracuse (Italy)

# The Western Greece Region (Greece)

# The Institute of Culture and Quality of Life (Greece)

# The University of Cassino (Italy)

# The University of Patras (Greece)

# The Hellenic Open University (Greece)

# The e-RDA Innovation Center (Greece)

And is under the patronage of

# IFToMM, The International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science

# The Hellenic Mathematical Society (Greece)

# European Society for the History of Science

For further information:

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