Princeton University Research Center “Foundations of Modern Thought”, University of Bucharest, Vasile Goldiº University, Arad


Princeton/Arad Seminar in Modern Philosophy

The Great Instauration: science, philosophy and the reformation of knowledge in 17th century

Arad, 2-7 July, 2005

The Princeton/Arad seminar will be an informal meeting of scholars specialised/interested in modern philosophy (roughly seventeenth century) and will create an interesting environment of discussing papers and ideas. There will be presentations of papers in the morning and workshops and discussions in the afternoon. Please submit a short abstract and a brief CV to [email protected]. Deadline for submission is 1st June 2004.

Invited speakers: Daniel Garber (Princeton University), Roger Ariew (University of South Florida), Giulia Belgioioso (University of Lecce)