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How do you fit 4000 years of science into 400 pages? Historians call this the Big Picture problem, and now Patricia Fara has provided a solution – Science: A Four Thousand Year History. In this Patricia will discuss three of the Big Questions she had to confront while she was writing her book – When did science begin? Who did science? How does science change? Some of her answers may be unexpected.

Dr Patricia Fara read physics as an undergraduate, but soon realised that she hated practicals and preferred thinking about some of the big questions – Does gravity exist? Do experiments yield definitive proof? Fifteen years later, still fascinated by such issues, she went back to university and started studying the history and philosophy of science. Perhaps because she began graduate studies so late, she became committed to sharing her enthusiasm with other people, and since then she has written several popular books, including ones on Isaac Newton, exploration and women in science. Looking back, she realized that her PhD covered an unusually large topic – magnetism in the eighteenth century. Just as when she was a physics student, she is still preoccupied by a big question: how has science come to dominate modern society? She has tried to answer this in her latest book, “Science: A Four Thousand Year History!”Tickets £12 including tea and cakePre-booked lunches available at £16For tickets and further information contact the Booking Office on 01460 258613 or visit our website www.dillington.com