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The History of Science Society 2009 Annual Meeting in Phoenix

///The History of Science Society 2009 Annual Meeting in Phoenix

The History of Science Society 2009 Annual Meeting in Phoenix

The History of Science Society will hold its 2009 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona in the Hyatt hotel in downtown Phoenix the weekend before the U.S. Thanksgiving (i.e. 20-22 November). Proposals for sessions, contributed papers, and posters must be submitted by 1 April 2009 to the History of Science Society’s Executive Office. Papers that are part of a session (i.e. sessions with an organizer) are due no later than 8 April 2009. Poster proposals must describe the visual material that will make up the poster. The HSS encourages pre-circulated papers. Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. Go to

[ http://hssweb.org/callforpapers ]http://hssweb.org/callforpapers for the link to electronic submission for papers, posters and sessions. Note that paper abstracts should be no longer than 250 words.

Submissions on all topics are requested. All proposals must be submitted on the HSS Web site or on the annual meeting proposal forms that are available from the HSS Executive Office. HSS members are asked to circulate this announcement to non-HSS colleagues who may be interested in presenting a paper or poster at the Annual Meeting. You do not need to be a member to participate, but all participants must register for the meeting. Applicants are encouraged to propose sessions that include diverse participants: a mix of men and women and/or a balance of professional ranks (e.g., mixing senior scholars with junior scholars and graduate students). Strong preference will be given to panels whose presenters have different institutional affiliations. Only one proposal per person may be submitted. In order to ensure broad involvement, an individual may only appear once on the program (see the guidelines for exceptions). Prior participation (not including poster sessions) at the 2007 or 2008 meetings will be taken into consideration.

Before sending a proposal to the HSS Office, we ask that everyone read the Committee on Meetings and Programs’ “Guidelines for Selecting Papers, Posters, and Sessions” ([ http://www.hssonline.org/meeting/2009HSSMeeting/2009guidelines.html ]http://www.hssonline.org/meeting/2009HSSMeeting/2009guidelines.html

The 2009 program co-chairs are Cathryn Carson (University of California, Berkeley) and Jessica Riskin (Stanford University).

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