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The History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Ireland

///The History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Ireland

The History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Ireland

Royal Irish Academy National Committee for the History of Irish Science


The History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Ireland

Date: Friday 14th March 2008

Venue: M4 Lecture Theatre, Museum Building, Trinity College, Dublin

Intending delegates: If you wish to attend the meeting please notify Juliana Adelman by e-mail ([email protected]).

Registration fee: €10 (lunch and coffee provided).


9:30 Registration. Foyer, Museum Building, TCD (€10 per delegate)

10:00 Welcome: Patrick Wyse Jackson

Session 1: Lives in science and medicine Chair: Patrick Wyse Jackson


Fiona Clark (Queen’s University, Belfast): ‘Advancing the medical career in colonial Latin America’

Tadgh O’Sullivan (University of Liverpool): ‘The fortunes of an Irish savant: the Rev. Dr William Richardson’

Laura Kelly (National University of Ireland, Galway): ‘Irish medical students at the University of Glasgow, 1859-1900’

11:15 Coffee

Session 2: Communicating science Chair: Dáibhí ó Cróinín


Elizabethanne Boran (Edward Worth Library, Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin): ‘A Cloud of Witnesses’: scientific observation in the correspondence of James Ussher.

Miguel DeArce (Trinity College Dublin): ‘Darwin’s Irish correspondence and James Torbitt’s project to breed blight-resistant potatoes.’

Susan Schreibman (Digital Humanities Observatory): ‘Developing an integrated digital repository for the history of science, technology and medicine related materials in Ireland.’

12:45 Lunch (Lunch is provided; cost is included in registration fee)

Session 3: Science in the community Chair: Juliana Adelman


Tony Hand (Trinity College Dublin): ‘From Kilkenny to Armagh: an account of the Kilkenny Marble Works in the papers of the Physico-Historical Society’

Marie Bourke (National Gallery of Ireland): ‘How a number of Irish museums that include scientific collections have developed from the late 18th century’

Ruth Bayles (Queen’s University, Belfast): ‘Belfast Botanic Gardens’

3:00 Coffee

Session 4: Medical practice and disease Chair: Clive Lee


Ian Miller (University of Manchester): ‘The Irish stomach: abdominal illness in the early 19th century’

Catherine Cox (University College Dublin): ‘The medical marketplace and medical tradition: interfaces between orthodox, alternative and folk practice in 19th-century Ireland’

Ida Milne (Trinity College Dublin): ‘The 1918/1919 Spanish influenza pandemic: a ‘mystery malady’ comes to Ireland’

4:30 Summative remarks: Peter Bowler

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