The first of the Centre for Medical History’s public lecture series in the “History of Stress” will take place on Tuesday 11th November at 5.00 pm in the Poldhu Room, Kay Laboratories (no. 24 on the campus map at The speaker is Dr Allan Young, McGill University, Montreal and the lecture is entitled: “Who put the stress on post-traumatic stress, and what makes it work?” The lecture will be followed by a discussion, with drinks & light refreshments.

Further information about this lecture series is also available from the following webpage:

The aim of this 4-year research programme is to develop a critical history of stress, which traces the emergence and proliferation of stress research from its origins in the early decades of the twentieth century through to the 1980s, by which time stress had become a recognised, albeit still contested, field of research. The research team will examine the history of laboratory and clinical studies of stress and the emergence of stress as an occupational disease, as well as popular understandings and experiences of stress.

Hans Selye The programme concentrates on British, American, and Canadian research, since studies in these countries largely dictated the direction of later work in the field. However, we also aim to examine the international transmission of ideas from both comparative and trans-national perspectives. The research will be directed largely to civilian literature on stress, since the related conditions of battle fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder and shellshock have already received detailed attention. We propose to engage with scholars working in these areas of military and refugee trauma through seminars and conferences already planned at Exeter.

This research project is funded by a Wellcome Trust Programme Grant.

The project will include a series of public lectures on stress-related topics, with papers from a variety of speakers, including academics, clinicians and others. Some of the sessions will take place on campus, and others at venues in the city centre. At present the following dates and speakers have been confirmed:

11th November 2008, Dr Allan Young, McGill University

Who put the stress on post-traumatic stress, and what makes it work?

5.00 pm, Poldhu Room, Kay Laboratories (no. 24 on campus map)

17th March 2009, Professor Cary Cooper, Lancaster University (session to be chaired by Professor Steve Smith, Vice Chancellor)

7th May 2009, Dr Joanna Bourke, Birkbeck College

29th October 2009, Dr Cecilia D’Felice (MIND Journalist of the Year)

Project staff

Professor Mark Jackson Professor Jo Melling Dr Pamela Dale Dr Edmund Ramsden

Project Advisory Group

Dr Steve Brown, Loughborough University Professor Cary Cooper, Lancaster University Dr Otniel Dror , Hebrew University of Jerusalem Dr Allan Young , McGill University

The Centre for Medical History hosted speakers from a variety of backgrounds at a workshop on the History of Stress in September 2006. As work on the Stress project progresses, links with other professionals and institutions will be developed as part of our dissemination and outreach strategy.