The Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University will sponsor its first conference, “The Humanities and Expertise,” on April 7-9, 2005, in Pittsburgh, PA.

We are inviting proposals for presentations about (1) the history, practice, and character of humanities research and scholarship, (2) the relations between the humanities and the sciences and other fields of inquiry and practice and, (3) the role of the humanities in undergraduate education.

Some relevant topics that presentations might address are:

* how current humanities disciplines emerged as distinct fields of inquiry * the value of the knowledge the humanities produce * if the humanities are defined by the practice of interpretation * if interpretation is expertise * the kinds of expertise humanists have * if humanistic expertise can complement scientific expertise * the value of humanities expertise to other forms of inquiry * how disciplinary research in the humanities relates to humanities education

In order to facilitate discussion, speakers will be asked to keep their remarks to 10 minutes. Please submit 250 word proposals or full-length papers of up to 1250 words (MS Word attachments preferred) to the e-mail address provided below by January 15, 2005.

It is our intention to publish a collection of essays based on the conference papers and discussions. Those whose papers are accepted must agree to submit a revised and expanded version of their essays for consideration for the volume.

Committed Plenary Speakers include Louis Menand, Harvard University, and David Shumway, Carnegie Mellon University. Some plenary speakers may be chosen from those responding this call. Additional invited speakers will be announced at the web address shown below after December 1, 2004. David Shumway, Director The Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University Phone: 412-268-7176 Fax: 412-269-7989

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