The International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine. Fifth Congress

Istanbul, 26-28 October 2010

Call for papers

The International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine will hold its fifth congress in Istanbul on 26-28 October 2010. Papers are invited in both English and Turkish. There will be no registration fee. The objective of the congress is the exchange of information and ideas on subjects including the historical development of Islamic medicine and its contribution to world medicine; interaction between Islamic and Western medicine; the development of medical education and the development of health institutions and medical associations in Islamic societies; the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Islamic medicine; Islamic medical ethics; knowledge of historic figures who have contributed to practice and literature in the field of health in the Islamic countries; the place of the Turkic world in Islamic medicine; research and presentation of manuscripts, rare printed works and archive documents relevant to the history of Islamic medicine; preparing a union catalogue of manuscripts and early printed medical books in world libraries; and the conservation of historic buildings that have played a part in the history of medicine. To present a paper at the conference, you should send a summary using the form provided on the website (see below) to the e-mail address given below by 15 April 2010.


1- Comparative study of Islamic medicine with the previous and subsequent civilizations.

2- Famous Moslem physicians.

3- Diseases and therapies in Islamic medicine.

4- Drug therapy.

5- Approaching disabilities in Islamic medicine.

6- Health Institutions.

7- Education on Medical Sciences.

8- The Red Crescent Society.

9- Contributions by Muslim physicians to the Western medical sciences.

10- Publications in European languages about the history of Islamic medical sciences.


1- History of Turkish Medicine from all periods (Uigur, Karahanids, Gaznawids, Harizmshahs, Timurids, Baburids, Seljuks, Ottomans, Turkish Republic etc.)


1- Role of the media (television, publications) in conveying the proper knowledge about Islamic medicine to the west.

2- Sources and methods of collection of Islamic medical literature and their preservation, classification and digitization.

3- Dissemination of information on Islamic Medicine.

4- Virtual library of Islamic medical heritage.

5- Co-relation of history and current practice of medicine.

6- Medical information contributed by Muslim people

7- Discussion on – The continuance and applicability of past Islamic medical practice.

Contact Information:

The conference will be held at Istanbul University, with collaboration The International Society for History of Islamic Medicine


e-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: 0 505 821 47 39 – 0537 266 38 23 – 0 535 327 70 55