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University of Leeds Division of History and Philosophy of Science

Thursday 15th and Friday 16th May 2008

Recent publications such as Jablonka and Lamb’s Evolution in Four Dimensions and West-Eberhard’s Developmental Plasticity and Evolution have demonstrated that in genetics, genomics, developmental biology and evolutionary biology, the environment is back on the agenda. This workshop — the first in a projected series of meetings — aims to place these recent developments in wider and longer contexts, by exploring the changing role of the environment in the long run of concepts of heredity, development and evolution. We seek a multidisciplinary perspective; contributions of papers from the sciences, history, philosophy, sociology and anthropology — or combinations of these — are all welcome.

Questions to be addressed at the workshop may include:

• the diverse conceptions of the inheritance of acquired characters (“Lamarckism”) and their histories

• the importance of national, disciplinary, and other traditions in conditioning “environmentalist” thinking

• the nature of the challenge of epigenesis/epigenomics and related developments to old scientific, historical and philosophical commonplaces

• the cultural politics of the “nature/nurture” debate

Confirmed speakers/participants: Eva Jablonka (Cohn Institute, University of Tel Aviv), Marion Lamb (Birkbeck College, University of London), John Dupre (Egenis, University of Exeter), Jon Hodge (University of Leeds), Staffan Mueller-Wille (Egenis, University of Exeter), Nils Roll-Hansen (University of Oslo), Greg Radick (University of Leeds), Brian Garvey (University of Lancaster), Snait Gissis (University of Tel Aviv), Sander Gliboff (Indiana University), Fern Elsdon-Baker (University of Leeds)

Organisers: Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker Dr Greg Radick Beth Hannon

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