The Seventh Cardwell Memorial Lecture in the History of Technology

PROFESSOR JOHN KRIGE Georgia Institute of Technology “Science, technology and American hegemony”

Tuesday 27 May 2008, 5pm Michael Smith Lecture Theatre, University of Manchester, UK All welcome.

This talk will describe how scientific and technological exchange between the United States and Western Europe in the 1950s and 1960s served as an instrument of American foreign policy. The focus will be on domains in which there is a porous barrier between the civil and the military, notably nuclear and missile technologies. It will show how the US, deploying its technological leadership in an asymmetric field of force, tried both to strengthen and to channel European technological capabilities, steering them down avenues that cohered with its commercial, political and military interests in the region.

JOHN KRIGE is Kranzberg Professor in the School of History, Technology and Society at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. His main research area is the intersection between science, technology and American foreign policy in Europe in the first two decades of the Cold War. He was co-editor, with Kai-Henrik Barth, of Global Power Knowledge: Science and Technology in International Affairs (University of Chicago Press, 2006). In May 2005 he was awarded the Henry W Dickinson medal by the Newcomen Society for the Study of Technology and Society. His most recent monograph is American Hegemony and the Postwar Reconstruction of Science in Europe (MIT Press, 2006).

THE CARDWELL LECTURE commemorates Professor Donald Cardwell (1919-1998), a pivotal figure in the academic study of technological history both in Manchester and internationally. The Donald Cardwell Memorial Fund includes among its objectives sponsorship of an annual lecture in Cardwell’s name, hosted in turn by each of the Manchester institutions shaped by Cardwell’s presence, and presented by a leading international figure in the history of technology. Past Cardwell Lectures have been given by Svante Lindqvist, Ruth Schwartz Cowan, Thomas P Hughes, Arnold Thackray, David Edgerton and John Heilbron.

Lecture organised by the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester. Full details: <> Campus map (venue is building 71, access from Dover Street) <>