** The STS Workshop **

This is a new series with a new format: in some weeks we’ll have speakers, in other weeks we’ll discuss interesting and new texts in Science and Technology Studies.

Meetings are held on Thursdays 12 noon to 1:30pm in Seminar Room 2 — bring your lunch, if you like.

Lent Term 2005

20 January: Simon Schaffer (HPS, Cambridge) talks on “Public experiments and their private arts”

27 January: Discussion of a chapter by Philip Brey, ‘Theorizing modernity and technology’, in Thomas J. Misa, Philip Brey and Andrew Feenberg (eds.), Modernity and Technology (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, 2003), pp.33-71. (A copy of the paper will be on reserve in the Whipple Library.)

3 February: Javier Lezaun (Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, LSE) talks on “Making opinions an object of STS investigation: the focus group as experimental setting”

10 February: Discussion of a chapter by Richard Tutton, Anne Kerr and Sarah Cunningham-Burley, “Myriad stories: Constructing expertise and citizenship in discussions of the new genetics”, and a chapter by Shiv Vishvanathan, “Knowledge, justice and democracy”, in Melissa Leach, Ian Scoones and Brian Wynne (eds.), Science and Citizens: Globalization and the Challenge of Engagement (London: Zed Books, 2005) (A copy of these chapters will be on reserve in the Whipple.)

17 February: Discussion of two chapters of Sheila Jasanoff’s forthcoming book, Designs on Life (A copy of these chapters will be on reserve in the Whipple.)

24 February: Susan Owens (Geography, Cambridge) talks on “Knowledge brokers or policy entrepreneurs? The role and influence of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution”

3 March: Andy Stirling (SPRU, University of Sussex) talks on “Science, precaution and participation: fundamental challenges – practical responses”

10 March: Discussion of Eric Steven Raymond, ‘Homesteading the Noosphere’, published in Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar (O’Reilly, 2001), but available at: http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/cathedral-bazaar/homesteading/

Organised by Jon Agar, Rob Doubleday and Martin Kusch.