The Worlds of Oronce Fine: Mathematics, Instruments, and The Book in Renaissance France

School of Art History, University of St Andrews

12-13 May 2006

Participants include: Anthony Turner, Giovanna Cifoletti, Isabelle Pantin, Adam Mosley, Jean-Marc Besse, Catherine Eagleton, Sven Dupré, Darin Hayton, Pascal Brioist

Oronce Fine played an important role in the intellectual and cultural worlds of sixteenth-century France. His influence was expansive, ranging from mathematics to printing, cartography to technology. His lecturing and text books were instrumental in disseminating knowledge of the mathematical arts throughout Europe. This conference aims to shed new light on Fine and his worlds, his reception, influence, and legacy. Contributions are welcome on any aspects of Fine’s life and work as well as on the subjects with which he was concerned (mathematics, astronomy, cartography, instrumentation, printing, pedagogy, humanism, etc.) in Renaissance France. Papers (no longer than twenty minutes) may be presented in either English or French, and a selection will be published as an edited volume in the series St Andrews Studies in Art History. The conference is generously supported by the French Vernacular Book Project, intended to create an analytical bibliography of all books published in the French language before 1601 (

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Alexander Marr ([email protected])